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Fastest repricer ever. We respond to the price changes real-time, make smarter pricing decisions.

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Lightning Fast

We make pricing decisions after a second pricing change happened. We make the best possible decision that will give you the buy box, but also avoid having the lowest price on the page.

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You can get started by setting up your minimum and maximum prices. Furthermore, you can configure our pricing algorithm to change it's traits, or even create your own repricing algorithm using our engine.

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Using our unique features, you can bulk update minimum and maximum prices based on rules, create product segments and apply custom logics, or configuration to those groups.

Starting from $10 with a 14 day trial. Unlimited repricing.

Create your account without entering your credit card information. It takes minutes for us to import your listings. Set up your minimum and maximum prices using bulk update, excel upload or manually on the screen, then see the magic happen. No limit on the SKUs, real-time repricing for all your products.


Analytics that guides you to adjust your pricing

It's easy to see which products you can't compete, or see products that have high rating, but your pricing range needs a small adjustment so you can sell. Detect and fix SKUs that are having high pricing error, or find segment of SKUs that want to be more or less aggresive in pricing. Easily detect most recent reprices, see each SKU's repricing history.


Big brain repricing using machine learning

We have built a big data model with lots of historical data and pricing actions. On top of this data set, we implemented custom rules and machine learning capabilities; so each of clients can have their unique, machine learning repricing software that can adapt to every condition and act differently for each different product with a goal of maximizing your revenue and increasing your buy box wins.
All of our product development and our Amazon Repricer tool's success has been proven by our customer's feedback. You will have the buy box more, and you will win the buy box if in every possible condition


FBA, FBM & Dropshipping We cover all scenarios.

You can define different strategies for your FBA or Merchant fulfilled products. Reprice AI knows repricing price needs to be different for when you are doing FBA, drop-shipping or shipping from your warehouse. You don't need to adjust anything at all; our software will automatically make the best decision and follow necessary strategies so you can win the buy box and maximize your revenue. Repricer AI is a amazon repricer tool that works with machine learning and using our solution you are going to gain the competitive advantage.


Easy to start. Enter min - max or your lowest margin percentage. Customize if you need.

We pull your commissions automatically. You can enter your costs and enter a lowest minimum margin percentage, or enter your minimum and maximum prices. Without the need of getting into confusing repricing settings, you can trust Repricer AI to do the rest. You don't want to set up minimum and maximum prices one by one? We got you covered with our bulk or auto min & max setting functionality.

On the cloud with 99% uptime.


plans allows you to

Monthly subscription without commitment.

  • Up to 100 SKUs

    $10 / mo

  • 100 - 2000 SKUs

    $30 / mo

  • 2000 - 5000 SKUs

    $50 / mo

  • 5000 - 8000 SKUs

    $75 / mo

  • 8000 - 10000 SKUs

    $100 / mo

  • More than 10000 SKUs

    $100 & extra $10 for each 1000 SKU

All current and future features are included for all plans. Monthly subscription without any contracts or commitments. Payments are processed through Stripe.

Why do you need a repricer

%85 of all Amazon sale volume goes to the buy box seller. A seller should either wait for a long period of time for a small group of buyers to peek at other sellers section or Amazon, or have the best compatitive price. Most of the sellers uses a repricer, that means you should as well. There are many alternatives such as seller central's own repricer which is slow, and only reduces your price. Our competitors offer less functionality with higher price and can't really catch up with speed of the competition.

Why should use Repricer AI

Repricer AI is built on cloud, it's scaleable, serverless, and robust. We don't limit our features based on our plans. You don't need to make a contract, our service is pay as you go, and our tool is smart. Without getting into complicated rules, Repricer AI can reprice smartly without need of assistance. We continiously improve our product with the feedback from our customers.

I can confirm Repricer AI is super effective and constantly tries to get the buy box for all my products. I use auto min-max setting rules and I am very happy with the control I have over the application.

Isabel A.

Individual Seller

Our overall monthly sales has increased around %40 after we started using Repricer AI. Great developers and great staff. They were really helpful answering my questions. I am very happy with the repricing software.

Prime Couch

Director of Sales

I have previously used other repricing tools, and I can say that Repricer AI helped me the most. It's easy to see the previous pricing decisions and how the system is trying non-stop to give you the best price on each ASINs you sell on.

Karina A.

FBA Seller

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