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Set up min max prices and with gradual price decrease based on number of days unsold

Repricer AI reprices within the min – max range that is defined and our repricer can be aggresive towards getting the buy box by reducing the price. After getting the buy box, we increase your price while trying to keep the buy box, but sometimes this is not the scenario needed for bulk sellers.

Some of our sellers can’t set up min-max prices manually or using Excel upload and they set up their min – max using coefficients.

Later, for products that we can’t compete, they reduce the min price and make it closer to the buy box price with a limited price decrease amount.

And also their hard minimum amount can change by number of days unsold.

On this tutorial we will show you how to achieve this using Min Max Module > Basic Rules and Schedules.

Let’s say in our scenario, seller already defined their initial min – max prices using coefficients (by following this tutorial) And use case is that:

  1. Seller can reduce to $13 for SKUs in Can’t Compete category and didn’t sell for 10 days, with %15 decreases each time this rule runs.
  2. Seller can reduce down to $12 for SKUs in the Can’t Compete category and didn’t sell for 170 days with %25 decrease each time the second rule runs. We are going to create 2 rules, and for each rule we are going to calculate min – max price using Buy Box Price. Later we are going to create a schedule, to run these rules in order: $13 rule first, then $12 rule to be executed last.
End result will look like this.

Now let’s create each rule and let’s start with $13 rule.

As you can see we are targeting Can’t Compete rules, all SKU Types (Merchant and FBA), all conditions, and targeting SKUs unsold for 10 days, and we limit Minimum Price Decrease by 15 percentage.

We save this rule. It can be triggered manually by you anytime using Play button, but we are going to create the second rule and and create a schedule, so they can run in the order we want automatically in an interval of days.

Let’s create the second rule and it should look like this:

As you can see, “Never go less than this amount” is $12, and our min price is -20% of the buy box, and our max price is %25 higher of the buy box price. Unsold for days is 170. You can also specify Exists for Days. Limit is 25%, so each time this rule runs, it can reduce the min. price 25%.

Let’s say that a SKUs buy box price is $13.99 currently. When you multiply the amount with 0.80 you get $11.19. As we said min. price can’t be less than $12, $12 will be used as min. price and max price will be $12 * 1.25 which is $15 for that SKU.

We are done with the rules. Now we can create a schedule.

Under Rule Schedules press Create button:

As you can see we ordered the rules the way we wanted; $13 first, $12 later. You can add rules from Add Existing Rule section to the schedule and click move up to order them. This schedule is going to run every 7 days. You can also make the schedule run on a specific date as well.

We are targeting SKUs that can’t compete. There is no reason to lower the min price for SKUs on buy box. These rules are not going to reduce your min prices to $13 or $12, they will make your min. prices lower than buy box prices by defined coefficients, gradually (every 7 days, with %15 or %25 decrease each time), so you can get back into the competition.

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