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Set initial min-max prices using your current price and coefficients

There are multiple ways to set up initial min – max prices. When you visit Min Max Update page, you can see these 3 options: Basic Rules and Schedules,  Dynamic Min Max and Groups,  Using Excel Upload. If you wish to set up initial min – max prices using coefficients based on your current price on Amazon, you can use Basic Rules and Schedules, which is really easy to use but later you can create advanced functionality by creating and scheduling rules.


Let’s enter a name for the rule first.



Here you can filter SKUs. Repricer AI has several groups ready. If you have created a group, you can also target that group here. 



We are going to choose New SKUs (SKUs without Min & Max Price). This option will target every SKU that doesn’t have min & max price. When you create a rule for this category, every SKU which was created before, or created from now on, will be assigned Min & Max prices, if it’s not filtered out by SKU Type and condition filtering

For now, you don’t need to worry about Limit Minimum Price Decrease

Only option for New SKUs is to use Current Price as we don’t know the buy box price yet. So we will assign min & max prices using your current prices



Let’s assume our seller want to set their minimum price %10 lower of the current price, and %25 higher than the current price. Also seller doesn’t want to go down less than $14 for new SKUs, and doesn’t want to go less than $10 for used like new items.

This module work with coefficients, so the final form have to look like this:



When you are done, press Save button on the top. All the SKUs imported by Repricer AI from your seller central account will be assigned this rule automatically, so every SKU will be assigned min & max prices and start repricing.

“Never be less than this amount” field is optional. Such as if the current price is $15, and min price coefficient is 0.90. 15 x 0.90 equals to $13.5. As user doesn’t want to sell less than $14, min price will be $14 in this case (as it’s the lower boundary), and max price will be 14 x 1.25 = $17.5

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