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Managing Inactive SKUs

You can visit Inactive SKUs page to see the list of SKUs which got inactive recently. You can view the page from SKUs > Inactive SKUs tab. You can possibly detect SKUs which can disabled by high / low pricing alerts. Amazon doesn’t share that information yet to the third party developers, so there is no exact way to get and show that information, but we tried our best to help you showing these SKUs.

If you enable an inactive SKU on seller central by entering a new min – max price, the same min & max price needs to be set in Repricer AI. You can quickly change Min & Max price or set a Fixed Price on this page. If you are using a module that set up min & max price in an interval and you don’t want that rule to interfere with min & max prices anymore, you can choose Exclude From Auto Min Max Updates. You can also check Disable Repricing, If you want to disable repricing for this SKU.

You can clear min & max prices automatically for SKUs which got inactive on Repricer AI, so if you are using any Min Max setting rule for new SKUs, that rule can work again and set up min & max prices based on the price you enter. To be able to do that, go to Configuration page on the left menu and check “Delete min & max price after a SKU gets reactivated on Seller Central” setting.

You can also disable repricing for all SKUs which gets reactivated on seller central. To do that, you can go to the Configuration page and check Disable repricing for SKUs that got inactivated and activated again manually by you on Seller Central setting.

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