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Increase or decrease current min – max prices using percentages

While you can do this using Excel Upload manually, you can create a rule using Min Max Update module, and trigger it once manually, then delete the rule without scheduling as well. To be able to do this, go to Min Max Update module, and create a new rule from Basic Rules and Schedules:

From the dialog, choose Change Min & Max with Coefficients

You will have the same filters as the other modes. You can choose a category, SKU Type, conditions, limit the price decrease in percentage, if you are decreasing the min. price. Enter a name for the rule first.

As an example, let’s decrease the min price of merchant fulfilled SKUs where we can’t compete and didn’t sell for 60 days. To do that, from Category dropdown choose Can’t Compete, choose Merchant on SKU type, check all conditions, and enter 60 for Unsold for Days field.

Let’s say that we are going to decrease the min price 15%. Enter 0.85 for Multiply Min Price with Coefficient field, and for Multiply Max Price with Coefficient field, enter 0.85 as well. This will reduce both 15%.

If you don’t want to modify one or many product conditions, you can leave them empty. When you are done, press save.

After the rule is saved, you will be back to the rule list.

Next to the name you given to the rule, click to the execute button and the rule will be executed instantly.

You can either keep this rule and manually trigger, delete the rule, or schedule it to run in a specific date or an interval.

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