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Creating Custom Repricing Logic

To create your custom repricing logic, click to Custom Logic on the left menu, then press Create New on the page.

There are 4 steps when you are creating a repricing logic:

  1. Basic Information
  2. Choosing Competitors
  3. Determining Price
  4. Failover
Basic Information #

On this step you can enter a name, choose the target group where products exists (can be regular or dynamic groups), and priority (based on ascending order, if you have multiple logics running for a same SKU). Use this logic when field has 3 options: No buy box on the page, Someone else has the buy box, I have the buy box. Basically we are targeting SKUs which didn’t sell for 300 days, and there are no buy box on the page.

Choosing Competitors #

On this step you can filter the competitors so we can use their pricing information on step 3 to determine our next price. On the first dropdown you have options: Featured Merchant, Buy Box Winner, Expedited Shipping, Previously Had Buy Box. On the second drop down, you can filter with conditions and the last dropdown you can filter the sellers with the performance rating. On this example, we are getting the competitors which has and had the buy box and are selling New condition and have more than 90% rating.

Determining Price #

On this step, we are ordering filtered sellers prices in ascending or descending order, take top 20 (which can be changed) and use a aggregate function (minimum, maximum, average). Later we can either add / reduce the final price by summing, or we can multiply the amount with a coefficient (0.90 for reducing the price 10%)

Failover #

On this step you can cover the scenarios where the price decided is not within your min – max price range. You can leave it to Repricer AI by choosing Repricer AI Logic, or choose many other options. After you are done, you can press Save and Repricer AI will prioritize your custom logic while making pricing decisions.

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