We built Reprice AI after spending years working with lots of data from multiple Amazon sellers with different portfolios.

Smarter with Machine Learning

We have built a big data model with lots of historical data and pricing actions. On top of this data set, we implemented custom rules and machine learning capabilities; so each of clients can have their unique, machine learning repricing software that can adapt to every condition and act differently for each different product with a goal of maximizing your revenue and increasing your buy box wins.

All of our product development and our Amazon Repricer tool's success has been proven by our customer's feedback. You will have the buy box more, and you will win the buy box if in every possible condition.

  • Learns how Amazon decide on who is going to be the buy box winner.
  • Learns how often your competitors reprice
  • Predicts where the market price is heading to
  • Targets to increase market price over time based on demand.
  • Maximizes your sales and revenue
  • Lets you to win the buy box more.


Repricing with intelligence

Win the buy box without price flattening.

Maximize revenue while being in buy box.

Ability to change price ranges based on unsold days or creation days.

Ability to add dynamic groups, and custom workflows.

Bulk and manual data upload capabilities.

We reprice on every price change instantly.

Ability to configure traits of our algorithms.

Why are we different than other repricing software?

We answered the question why you should use a repricing software in our blog post.

But why should you choose us? The reason has many answers but after you give us a shot you will see that:

  • We do more reprices per hour compared to our competitors.
  • Our solution for the repricing is not going to the minimum price right away
  • We listen to our customers and improve our product with the feedback.
  • We invest our revenue mostly on our servers and infrastructure.
  • Amazon repricer tend to lower your price with less frequency so they can have competitive edge compared to their own competitors and increase their own revenue.
  • Repricer AI is super fast, and completely seller centric.

Works for FBA, Drop shipping and shipping from merchant warehouse

Reprice AI knows repricing price needs to be different for when you are doing FBA, drop-shipping or shipping from your warehouse. You don't need to adjust anything at all; our software will automatically make the best decision and follow necessary strategies so you can win the buy box and maximize your revenue.

Repricer AI is a amazon repricer tool that works with machine learning and using our solution you are going to gain the competitive advantage.