Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that we receive from our customers and other Amazon sellers.

What is Buy Box?

Buy Box is the featured merchant for the product page on Amazon product details. 90% of the product quantity sold is sold by the buy box owner. It’s the goal of most sellers to be the buy box on the page in order to maximize your sales and revenue.

How to win Buy Box?

Amazon makes buy box owner decision using lotsĀ of different factors. Your product pricing, general pricing on the page (other competitors) is one of the biggest factor. Besides your position on the page (based on your price), you will also need competitive customer ratings and good seller metrics.

How does Repricer AI help me to win buy box?

We compete for you, not just with your competitors but also the other repricing software that your competitors use. We use lots of complex algorithms to determine the price and our software works real time and it’s robust. We can’t give the exact detail on how our software exactly runs, but we had years of data to examine and we built a model that continuously learns by itself without human interaction.

Do I need to install anything?

Repricer AI works in our servers on the cloud and you can view & control it using your browser or your mobile device.

Do I sign a contract?

Our subscription model is a monthly subscription. If you are not happy with our service during a month that you paid, we reimburse for you remaining days.

How do I set up my account?

After you create your trial account you will be navigated to our app to log in.

Whenever you log in, go to Settings and enter your seller information. Repricer AI is going to import your listings. Then you can download a list of your listings and set a price range for your products. Repricer AI is going to start working at that moment.


Also when you log in to the app, you can click to the help button to set up your account.

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